About us


Our vision

At Alice With Alex, we design high-end clothing for urban cyclists which is both stylish and functional. Our products are suitable for city dwellers’ mobile, fast-paced lifestyles, and offer comfort and a range of features useful when cycling as well as stylish, on-trend cuts for the office and going out at the end of the day.


Our approach

Choosing to have the products manufactured exclusively in France (Made in France) was always self-evident for us as it links in with our ethical, environmental and civil values. We therefore found one of the best clothing workshops in France in order to offer products with an impeccable finish.

We want to showcase French expertise by working with French suppliers and service providers as much as possible. This approach means we carefully select our partners all the way along the production chain, from design and production to packaging and shipping.

Innovation is also rooted in our identity and guides each of our decisions. Whether it lies in choosing a particular technical material, a cut, a property or a sewing technique, we always want to develop innovative products which meet the requirements of urban cyclists more all the time.

We enjoy close relationships and share a great deal with our customers, and this is essential as we feel that continuing human relationships is important. Feedback also allows us to continue improving our products and offering high-quality collections season after season.

Our products are


We create clothing with a perfect fit to give the figure style and elegance. To this end, we work carefully on the cut and choose high-quality materials and manufacturing processes.


Functionality means choosing technical materials with multiple innovative features as well as working on the cut in order to make it suitable for cycling.


There are many little details in the design which can be discovered little by little. They ensure that the clothing is unique and designed down to the very last detail.

The team

Alice E.

From marketing to accounting, Alice is the brand’s little Swiss knife and can turn her hand to a range of things. She previously worked for a big sports brand so technical materials are her speciality. Cycling for Alice has always taken place in the city: to go to school, then later on, to work. She loves travelling, baking cakes and getting up early to do sport.

Alexandre Droual

Equipped with a wealth of fashion knowledge from Jean-Paul Gaultier to ready-to-wear, Alex has a very sharp eye when it comes to fashion. As for cycling, he fell into it from a young age as his father was a racing cyclist! Alex is also a keen photographer and a lover of documentaries on the ARTE channel and travelling.

Our community
Inspiration source

Without your support on our Kickstarter, we would not be where we are today. You are part of our team and we will never make any decisions without thinking about your needs and expectations in order to create the highest quality, most stylish and most functional products!